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Which Fitbit you should buy for you:-

Hello guys hope you all know about Fitbit. It is like  athlete measuring device. So here in this post we are going to suggest you that which Fitbit you should buy according to your need. Because now there are total six type of fitbit tracking device. So guys all the six tracking devices are good in use but if you want to use it then obviously you will choose one. So here we are going to solve your problem about choosing a good fitbit tracking device. Just keep your eye here in the guide which will help you to choose the right device.

Below are the list and some features of all the devices of Fitbit Login, you can choose anyone which you like most.

Fitbit Zip

Fitbit zip is the cheapest device in the series of fitbit, which is available on Amazon at $60. It is available with five color option. You can choose any one of them as you like. And the thing which make Zip little different from other Fitbit’s devices is its LCD screen. You will find a backlit screen in which it can’t possible to read without light or in dark. In Zip you can not track your sleep time but it allow you to set alarm in it.

Fitbit Flex

Flex is apart from the other devices and it is available on Amazon at $100. Flex is different from other device in something like that it is a water proof device so you can even swim with it. Flex is like a wrist band that you can tie in your wrist while doing activity.

Fitbit One

Fitbit One is available on Amazon with the price $100. Fitbit One is like a pocket worn or you can also wear it in your belt. The good thing in One is that it record your sleep time and also walking in stairs also. To track your sleep you have to wear it on your arm pr wristband. You must have to pin it you’re your belt because you can’t take it in pocket sometime it can be cause of losing.

Fitbit Charge

The price of Fitbit Charge on Amazon is $130. It is also like wristband but has more features than Fitbit Flex. It has a long battery life compared to any other devices. Fitbit charge is little bit advance it inform your any notification in its bright screen. The great part is that now you do not have to activate or deactivate sleep tracker every time it will activate or deactivate automatically.

Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit Charge is about $20 which is available on Amazon. It monitor or regulate your heart rate and same features like other. But for monitoring your heart rate you do not have to strap it on your chest. And properly monitoring heart rate is very important for any athlete. It is available in four different colors blue, red, black and green. It has long battery backup and it can be stand by four day without charging.

So guys these all are the different types of Fitbit devices, all of them has some unique feature. So you can choose it on the basis of your need, we suggest that if you are a athlete then you should go with the last one Fitbit Charge HR, it is affordable and also easy to use for athletes. 

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